I have a 1993 gtir,the problem is that a spring came loose on the gudeon pin and the the pin scraped the bore.

I think that the scrape can be bored out but the tops of the liners are eroded away due to detonation,i am looking to replace the liners
and am unsure if the liners can be pressed out by a normal engine reconditioning firm,or do the liners have to be frozen in and out.

The reconditioning firm would like to know if the liners are press in and out or are they press out and rebore to fit before they commence work.

I have searched the forum but cannot find a definate answer.


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If your engineer doesn't know that then i would be removing my engine from them...

You need to be using Dry Liners first off... You need to machine the block to accept the liners which need to be pressed in. You then need to rebore the liners to accept the pistons with relevant clearance..

Thats the basics off it but personally i would take it to a proper engine builder who knows what they are doing..



i'd get a 2nd hand block from someone tbh, liners on sr20's can be a right pain in the hole if not done properly, and unless aiming for big power you wont need them, for the cost of the liners you should be able to get a block


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Get a second hand block. As already stated it's much easier and cheaper to do this than fit liners.

Also, take ti to someone who knows what they are DOING!!