Leaking Injector


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I suspected my injectors for maybe over fueling so I removed them and had them flow bench checked and cleaned. I Just reinstalled them today and #3 injector is spraying fuel out around the rubber insulator between the injector and the fuel rail. I pulled it off and checked the o-ring, it looked good.
It looks like the insulator isn't sealing against the injector but I wouldn't think that there should even be fuel in there.
I thought maybe I didn't torque the fuel rail in the correct sequence and the injectors didn't seat properly. I looked it up and the FSM doesn't give any torquing sequence ... just a torque value.
I took it apart again nothing appeared wrong, it looked just like the other 3 injectors ... i put it back together tightening bolts from the inside out and it still leaked.

I guess it has to be the O-ring at the top. I wouldn't think fuel should be able to go past that at all.

Any suggestions?? Where can I find those O-rings?