Lamda sensor on de-cat?



A small problem i have. Fitted a full de-cat mongoose a few weeks ago and had a problem getting the old lamda sensor out from the old cat due to rounding the nut :( anyway i enventully gave up trying and just plugged up the threaded hole in the new de-cat with a bolt and tucked the lamda sonsor out the way for the time being! (Yes i know... rough!!) Would this cause it to run rich it being disconnected? And when i came to do it properly i realise the threaded hole in the de-cat is a good bit bigger than the lamda sensor its self????? why is this?


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Thats not the lambda sensor :wink:

Its just a temperature sensor for the cat, the lambda sensor is in the elbow on the turbo.

You dont need it, just tape up the ends of the wires so they dont short together :wink: