Laguna Front Splitter - Fitting



laguna splitter.jpg

Laguna splitter is easy to fit, it should come with adequete fixings...rivets I think. You get them from Renault dealers (they are used to it, some even keep stock now, they are so popular!)

I've had the early one (I think) with the vents in it. It fits without any cutting or modification to the splitter or bumper.

1.Raise the car on Ramps or remove the bumper

2. Drill fixing holes, slightly larger than the fixings you are using, in the splitter, approx. 8inches (20cm) apart. When you get to the bends, make them approx. 2inches (5cm) apart, or there abouts.

3. Find the position that you are happiest with for splitter on the bumper. If you line it up correctly, you can avoid the need for any cutting!

4. Find the middle of the bumper and mark it. (Out of sight)

5. Find the middle of the splitter and mark it. (Out of sight)

6. Line up the marks and hold the splitter against the bumper whilst you mark, through a couple of the pre-drilled holes into the bumper.

7. Using a smaller bit, drill holes at the points marked.

8. Re-align splitter & bumper, and loosely affix using the chosen fixings. Fixings.

9. Check alignment and mark a couple of holes either side of the previous ones.

10. Repeat steps 7 through 9 until you get to the ends.

11. Take care to keep the splitter true with the chosen 'line' of the bumper. Take your time, as getting the lines straight is not that easy!

12. You may need to carefully cut a couple of slits (out of sight) in the splitter in order to get it to fit smoothly around the bends, I didn't but it came close, as the bends are not quite in the same place as the Laguna.

14. Refit bumper, or lower the car and admire, a job well done.