knock from front when first pulling away


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when i first pull away after the car has been parked for at least 6 hrs, i get a donk/knock from n/s front suspension/ wheel, then it wont do it again until car has been parked couple of hours, also car pulls heavily to the right (tracked by lasers did not cure) any ideas? :)


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its normally pads/calipers, just check everything is tight, iv found a loose castleated nut on a ball joint befor


front wishbone, rear lower bush maybe. mine did it when reversing with lock. knuckled around as bush was worn. would also judder steering at speed. couldnt track either as would never stay where put as bush moved randomly so never sat in right position.


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Good suggestion Dan. - If the bushes look OK, check the bracket and bolts are tight. I've had to helicoil one of them in the past because the thread was stripped, and it wasn't holding the bush in place.