Intermittent Horn!


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Had a search and found a post on this, gave some of the things a shot and had no luck with it. ive checked the connections on the steering wheel and gave them a clean.

Problem is the horn works some times, and doesnt at others. i was sitting at the lights not long ago and pressed it and it worked, and then it will go for a week without working, very strange...anyone any idea what could be causing this kind of problem?

Just worried incase the police pull me over, as they could be a bit anal about that kind of thing.

thanks in advance!



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I can't remember the last time I used the horn..... in 3 years.

How did you notice? Or do you use the R as a cab?


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I had something similar on an old car and it turned out to the the horn itself playing up.


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yes i run a fast cab service for people who want to get from A to B very quickly, and i beep my horn alot to let people know that i am a Cab, seeing as thats what Cabs do...

But seriously, as far as i know, a broken horn is an MOT failure aswell, so its not a case of wether i use it my self or not, i just need to get it working. and i noticed its broke because sometimes when other nice cars pass by they give me a quick toot toot on the horn and i cant reply :(


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my old R used to have the same problem

took it to auto electricians who spent all day and said that the r had the worst wiring ever.

couldnt find the break in the wiring so wired in another horn button for me, on a "flick switch"

only reason i did it was so that it passed the MOT


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arg that sounds like a pain matty, id prolly be best just getting a new one stuck on it then if its gonna take a day at the auto electricians, as they costly!


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I had a problem with mine just turned out to be a dodgy earth on the horn. Earthed it better and it was fine.