Interior Carpet, where to buy?


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anyone know where i can buy some decent carpet for cheap? the stuff in my boot was a mess and il need to put down some new bits. anyone ever re-carpeted the whole car? i find the grey stuff is a bit old man. im thinking of putting all black down...

Green Dwarf

I have got the most of the interior lining trim from my car. Its dark grey/herring bone black thread with black plastic panel trim. Bbasically everthing rear of the front seats, but not the roof lining. I have the rear setas, rear interior lining and spare wheel cover. all in reasonable but not as new condition. you are welcome to it free. I have it piled up in my living room having just bought the car 08/04/06. Now realise I am never going to put this back. As car has been stripped to bare esssentials for performance. You are in Glassie. I am in Southampton.

If You want the interior, I would happily take it to say the Nottingham meet, or an other, and you/or another could collect it and fwd it 2 u. I am Having to make space in my house cos I am decorating and moving soon so would rather pass it on than throw away a perfectly good interior. If interested, let me know.

This is not a pile of shite. - I wouldnt waste your time. I could easily chuck it in the bin but I know how hard it can be to get bits for our cars so its free to a good home! Ps if anyone else wants it its yours for free.