Hub nut size?



Can anybody tell me the size of the hub nuts on our cars? I've got a wheel bearing to do and havent got a deep enough socket to get over the end of the driveshaft to the nut. :evil:

Fast Guy

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Yep you'll need a deep 32mm socket.
Why there's so much extra unused thread sticking out I don't know. :evil:

Fast Guy

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ashills said:
just do what i did when i realised my socket wasnt long enough
cut off the end of the thread
If you mean off the cv joint, then make sure you clean up the thread when you've cut it down, so that it doesn't damage the thread on the nut when you take it off/put it back on. :wink:

ian c

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yep - 32mm deep.
get one from halfords - lifetime guarantee.....i've used mine on loads of cars - scaff bar etc - never even flinched........£10

as for cutting the thread off - don't be a pikey....