How to make your front indicators clear



clear front indicators.jpg

There are some pics to lead you through the conversion step-by-step.
You've already changed to the popular "Clear Side Repeater Set" from ABC-Design but the front indicators have still the orange look? Why??
It's very easy to complete the conversion and less than 30 minutes are needed.
I used an oven to heaten each housing up: It's not so noisy and you can watch TV in the meantime (be warned: your next Pizza could have a 'special' taste).
A hair drier could be used also but more time is needed to heat up the whole thing.
The light bulbs I used were Philips Silver Vision. Similar lights are available from Osram ("Diadem" ).

Step_0a: the necessary parts: screwdriver, (knife), new light bulbs

Step_0b: old light bulb (left), new Philips SilverVision (right)

Step_1: put the housing into an oven (80°C, approx. 8-10 minutes) to soften the glue; then the front can be removed (be careful!)

Step_2: remove the orange cap; simply pull

Step_3: heat front glass and housing up again; put them together now

Step_4: on indicator is ready (the right on in the picture)

orange cap, old light bulb, Philips SilverVision (from left to right)

sample pictures

before a conversion

the result

result with bulb shining

view from the side