Right i fitted a new steering wheel a while ago and forgot about the horn, had a look today and the button on my new horn has two wires coimg from it. One goes from the button to the boss the other goes nowhere where do i connect this one too. All i can see on the steering wheel column itself it a little copper looking thing that pushes in and out. I can see how the old horn worked but the new one as an enclosed back to it so am i right in thinking that wire thats left is a live. I had a look on here but cant find any definite answers.

i hate electrics lol

cheers jamie

Fast Guy

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That little copper thing touches a brass ring on the back of the old plastic centre bit that fits the boss. I don't know if my set up is the standard set up as it's an afermarket wheel, but if so, the plastic bit should be able to fit on the new boss.