just been trying to fix my horn for the mot tomorrow
i was stumped for a while because i had power through my tester when trying it across the steering wheel and the feed from the switch gear but when i assembled it again i didnt:oops:
so after trying a million different combinations i didnt know what to do:doh:

then i thought the little contact that sticks out of the steering column switches
might have worn down and wasnt contacting the plate on the steering wheel
so i looked in my cellar for the spare switches i had knocking about
and replaced them

hey presto i had power running thriough the tester :lol: :lol:

so anyone else with the same problem just check the little pin and dont
spend 1 1/2 hours scratching your head :?

cheers for listening folks i feel better now:lol:

fingers crossed for the mot tomorrow:sad:


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nice one. that must be the problem i was having. as i found my horn beeped sometimes and when the wheel was turned in a certain direction. spent days trying to figure out what was wrong with the wiring and stuff. what a pain in the ass. cheers mate!


i had the same problem for around 2 years without a horn but its just lucky my mot tester forgot to check it worked

i know what the problem is and its the steering wheel thats missing a part from inside and just cant be arsed to sort it out

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kirko said:
just been trying to fix my horn for the mot tomorrow
You should have just stood there and gone "BEEP" when you saw him push the button:lol:
It would sounded the same a my standard horn did anyway,

(I've just fitted the PIAA one out of the DT catalogue, it's alot better but still not got the oomph that my montego twin tone one had while it was fitted. :sad: )