HID Kits, where from


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I'm going to get myself one in the next month as it's starting to get dark soon. Has anyone got a set recently who can recommended a kit or seller to get them from. Would like a Bi-Xeon kit like this one

Also if there are a few of us after a kit I'd be happy to approach a few places to try and get a group buy?


i have been looking at these too, so far ive found some on ebay and i think also knight-racer do a kit for the pulsar


the ebay kit seems a good price, it should work. just need someone to confirm what the kits like and how it performs then i will buy one. the silver case may just sway me!


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I guy from work says his mate ordered the one with case the other day and worked 100%. Just asked him to check that its the same kit.
get onto HIDS4U.com / .co.uk 100 quid will get you the full kit required and is plug and play.
All my cars have the HIDs on it and their mega!!
Plus you get a 2 year warranty with them aswell.

The H4 set up which you need for the pulsar,comes with a motor in them, so you get dipped and full beam!!


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vss irvine said:
good input there gareth!
Thats some really helpfull input :p

I'll get onto HIDS4U tonight and take a look. I was told all the components on the different kits were all generic parts so if something fails spares are easy to get hold of, have you had any trouble with yours Davie
I Have had no problems what so ever with them.
We had a group buy on them so i got them even cheaper again.
One of the guys ballasts went, phoned them up and said send it back and we will send a new one out.
All done in 3 days and it was sorted.
Will get pictures later for ya of where i have put my ballasts and will get a shot at night so ya can see how clear they are.
I have the 6000k ones, their bright enough, plus the higher up the number you go, the more blue`r they get.

Here ya go buddy,
This is the size of the ballast

And them mounted inside the wing

And with the lights on at night, well wortht he money!!!



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Nice for the pics matey, really helps :)

Think I'll give the ebay ones a go, based on price and the good feedback from other users how have tried them.


yep they look really good. The only thing I'm not pumped about is using the HID's in a non-projector housing. The oem units are reflector housings which are going to scatter the light everywhere.

Do you get any trouble from other drivers flashing you? Any trouble from the police? Thanks for the pics!

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Just so you know unless they have auto levelling and a cleaning function they will not be road legal. (At least in the UK)
Yeah micra ed, that is very true.
Not had any issues with the bizzie`s yet.
Not been told my lights have been dazzling yet, sat behind my mates car and he said they were fine.
As for the light getting scattered about, not noticed, as the light is really concentrated to infront of you,and they light up the road for miles.

Will grab another pic at night so you can see the distance and how it projects in front of you.

When i ordered mine i had a discount code, and got the pro+ ones for 100 quid delivered.
Will double check code still works and let you know.

As like the H7 ones i have in my astra van they only cost me 60 quid and their still fine to this day, 8 months on!!!


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i got hid in my R cost me 55 pounds delivered from a mate i know mine are 6000k one and they was just plug and play best 55 quid ever spent on dip beam there ace no need to even use high beam!!!
The ones from HIDS4U, where plug and play bud.
Pull the connection from the back of the H4 bulb, and plug it into the wiring harness of the HID Ballast and thats you, take you longer dressing the cables into a place of choice.