getting an uncut bumper to fit over a forge fmic

I've removed the a/c and a/c radiator and would like to try and fit the standard bumper back on.
Any ideas what pipes or parts shall i get if i can even get it to fit


fubar andy

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Mine (forge) is behind the standard bumper with a custom pipe run.

There was some cutting/moulding required to fit the forge, but the front bumper was never cut.

I've also got a MR8 Evo intercooler with less than 4000miles on it and the pipes are also re-welded for a short run pipe kit if needed.


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WOW !!! £540 !!!!! is that some sort of joke ...or have I been out of buying parts for too long ?

Dangerous Dave

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You've been out too long! I've found you can find the same part cheaper if you look for evo or Subaru parts (catch cans IC ect)

Empty Pockets

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The forge has always been about that, it's 700-800 with the pipe run, way overpriced for the performance it gives... For that money you could get something decent built.

Empty Pockets

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A decent kit capable of cooling big power will cost more than that, and it's one area i certainly wouldn't overlook on a turbo car, without decent cooling you'll never get the reliability or power you could have... That forge is top money for a core i wouldn't want to run more than 450 through, in which case there's a load of other kits that will equal the performance for a fraction of the price, standard evo coolers are good for the same, if fubar andy has a complete kit for sensible money i'd buy that personally. You could get a pucka kit made with a proper core for a little less than that forge kit i reckon.