Funny colours in my coolant??


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When i was racing at the weekend i was checking my water levels and i noticed that theres something in the water? it,s like glitter
greens,pinks, reds?? Water did come out of my exspansion tank twice but i had just connected my heater up again and i was thinking there might have been air trapped in it some where? but don't know where the glitter coloured stuff came from?
Any ideas?


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The multi colouring could be Oil.. And the glitter could be shavings of metal from your engine!

I'm sure there is a better explaination though..

Fast Guy

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Possibly oil leaking into the water from the factory oil cooler.

If the glitter is metal, it could either be corrosion or possibly bits of oil cooler (bit of a guess the last one, as not heard of it before, but anything's possible)


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Will check it out? The water is still nice and clean (green) but these parts are floating around, very small parts?