Fuel pressure


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Well haven't had much time for my pulsar over the past 6 months so thought I would make a start and get it running again. So before I put it off the road I had real problems with a misfire, especialy when warm. The car became undriveable after a few miles. Kept thinking this problem was down to the maf, wiring, knock sensor etc but after changing every electrical component I could find from another car I was no further forward. Had managed to get the engine pretty smooth at tickover and even revd up fine when stationary but as soon as you tried to drive anywhere the car would not wqnt to give you any power and wouldnt go over 2k revs. I then changed my adjustable fpr for a standard 1 and now I seemed to have solved all my problems. I decided to take my fpr apart to see if there was any leaks etc, but couldnt find any. I've never adjusted this so not really sure whats gone on with it. Decided to put it back on the car and adjust it to see if it would work again, and it now seems to be going again, although I'm not sure now what pressure its running at. Managed today to get a gauge to put onto the fpr, now need to know what pressure to.set it at for my car. Any info would be appreciated thanks


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Is that thread 'secret squirrel business', it say's I don't have access and cannot see it.


Double check but i think its 3bar base pressure (vacuum disconnected) with a 1:1 ratio fpr,i would stick to the stock one if the adjustable one is causing issues.


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Thanks for that guys. Currently running boost at 14.5psi on standard injectors so I should set my fuel pressure at 3bar then?