fuel gauge


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strange one maybe here guys

my fuel gauge is reading rear full i did fill the tank about a month ago now

not really done much miles car has bee started and run every few days though

now the gauge stays in the same position ignition on or off

pulled the clocks out and zero the gauge and it climbs back to near full?
opened the tank up and i have what looks like just over half a tank of lovely v power

where is the tank sender and how do i remove it for inspection
or any suggestions u guys have on what to try


i had a similar problem to this mate, turned out the sender unit had got stuck.
the sender unit (level float) is in the tank if you pull the fuel pump out the sender is under that to the right hand side, its held in pretty firmly with a clip and has a wiring plug going to it. might be worth a look


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I had this in my old MX5, replaced both the float and gauge cluster before actually doing some testing with a multimeter. I discovered that one of the wires from the sender has become damaged and was earthing against the chassis. Repaired the wire and all was well..