Front Splitter


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I'm just making up a plug now for a pulsar front bumper with splitter and side vents, also will be making undertray and diffuser in the future.


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I redirect air from the front scoop to the air filter.Have done this with a sealed airbox in the past so that gets rid of the extra lift it could cause and gives a nice cold air supply with possibly reduced spoolup too.


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Sounds good....but will it be legal for racing in the production class??
Without the side vents then probably yes as it's very close to the original shape, i will be making it with the original crossbars etc in the front grill to retain the original look as much as possible.
I could make ones without the side vents if there was enough interest, they are cut into canards which are part of the bumper.
They will be made in fibreblass or carbon, the carbon ones will need to be painted as i'm not into cosmetic carbon so don't bother with matching weaves etc.

I will post pictures once i get home around the 15th Dec.