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This has taken quite a while to compile as I hope you can appreciate if you ever come to try and get some of the parts out to weigh!! I have taken reference photographs of everything incase of confusion. One point I would like to make is that not every GITR weighs 1220kg as options can add weight here and there. The only real way is to get the car weighed at the start or finish but for a rough guide below should help.

I will try to organise it so its easier to read later on.

AC air exchanger (under dash) 2.5kg
Main fan unit (under dash) 2.45kg
Air distribution unit (under dash) 3kg
Dash including attached ducting 5.5kg
Rear seat belt 980g each
Rear buckles 180g each
Centre belt 230g
Front seat belts 1.35kg each
Dash brace bar 6kg
Passenger front seat 15kg
Drivers front seat 15kg
Ducting under dash to side vents: NS 290g, OS 330g
Tool holder in boot 1.4kg
ABS ecu with top dash bracket 1.08kg
Centre dials 270g
Main dials 1.85kg
Spare wheel and cover 12kg
Cup holder 200g
Gearstick gaiter 240g
ECU holder 450g
Brace behind glovebox 380g
Nissan rear strut brace 1.48kg
Nissan rollbar and fixings 1.48kg
Sideskirts 1.19kg each
Rear bumper bar 3.45kg
Front bumper bar 5.5kg
Arches 2.8kg each
Gab front strut brace 1.62kg
Whiteline front strut brace 1.64kg
Heating control unit 330g
Glove box 820g
Clutch foot rest 110g
Accelerator rest 30g
Parcel shelf support: NS 490g, OS 460g
Boot carpet to sides: NS 290g, OS 305g
Main boot carpet 850g
Centre console with ash tray mount 600g
Steering column surround: Top 80g, bottom 200g
ABS ecu cover 225g
Floor ducting: NS 390g, OS 280g
Footwell ecu cover: NS 120g, OS 60g
Footwell outer covers (one with flare holder) 115g each
Centre console fasia 350g
Lower dash under steering column 440g
Main dials surroung 640g
Centre vents 240g
Side vents to dash 110g each
A pillar trim 160g each
Coin tray 50g
Ducting to floor ducting under head unit 60g
Sill covers 215g each
Handbrake console 1.1kg
Gear knob 150g
Bracing under ashtray 245g
Rear seat upper: NS 5kg, OS 4kg
Rear window trim: NS 800g, OS 730g
Boot carpet to rear 350g
Boot lid trim 700g
Tool box cover 470g
Boot lid lock trim 340g
Rear door cards: NS 1.44kg, OS 1.42kg
Sun visor: NS 400g, OS 290kg
Rear bench seat 4kg
Head unit 1.44kg
Rear view mirror 320g
Flare 110g
Main carpet to floor 2.5kg
Floor mats x5 3.2kg
Grab handles 245g for 3
Interior light 70g
Rear bench brackets 550g
Umbrella and launcher 800g
Rooflining 2.4kg
Soundproofing behind dash 7kg
Soundproofing to floor 15kg
Doors 34kg each
Tailgate with spoiler and wiper 20.5kg
bonnet 16.5kg

Hope you enjoyed it!

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