Does the Gearbox fit?


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Hi guys

Does anybody know if the Gearbox from the RNN14 fits the GNN14 Gtir or what the difference is?

I found a Gearbox in Japan (JDM) with the Number 32010-54C18 but when i checked with Nissan, for my Europe LHD Gtir, they sayed the Nummber for the Box ist 32010-54C08 and that it is out of stock.

Please let me know


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hey mate

-look the gtir one has more base in chasis to 4wd rigth ??
it will fit on sr20 motor you have but need more work to fit complete in chasis
RNN14 is 4wd with sr20 motor

-the other gti one is fit perfect as the is one from factory rigth ??
GNN14 i thin is fwd

if i am wrong someone correct me


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I mean if the Gearbox of the RNN14 (4WD) fits the GNN14 (4WD) because the part number is diffrent for the cars.
Cars are the same the only thing is that the RNN14 is the japanese and the GNN14 is the european version :)


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Ok great because i want to buy one and the only one i found is from the jap GTIR. Nissan europe says that a european box isnt available anymore.
But does anybody know why there are diffrent part numbers for the boxes? Nissan europe couldnt say it.


There will be some routing differences LHD/RHD for instrument panel wiring loom , pedal clutch/brake lines , so it may be as simple an a clip or mounting on the box for this change in routing ,
Seems a long way to ship a gearbox , pretty sure you could find one closer