delimiter help



hey right i have done a search but i cant really find anything that has helped me! so i thought i would post up my problem hoping someone will help

really i think because i thought i would try save my self abit off money its proberlly going to cost me in the long run!

i brought a speed converter/delimiter from ebay

it was this one from import performance centre

anyway, i have fitted it exactly to the instruction! i have checked it double checked it and tripple checked it but i have done it correct to what the instructions say!

but it is still limited! and when i have it connected my speedo doesnt work!?!

any ideas what i am doing wrong? or is it the fact i have brought a egay rip off!


Hey mate, those convertors look like they are the same as ones from a manufacturer I know well, if so they should be good, I only had one or two out of hundreds that ever caused any probs. Any chance you could post up the instructions you were sent or a pic of your wiring and I could see if there are any obvious probs?


thanks alot lads!

i will take some pics and post up the instructions aswell!

that web page look very helpfull also thanks fast guy and ram5ay but it looks like what i have done i will double check it again!