D2 Coilovers rear droplink problem


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Hi guys,

I have a set of D2 suspension on my R, anoying from when I brought it there was a wooly problem with the steering, this was put down to the fact that it had kyb shocks on the front and the D2 on the back with no alignment but I have since got it up on the ramp and I can see that the rear has these D2 rose joint links on the back, im not sure of the name are they rear droplinks? but they have slight play in the left hand side and havent been cleaned up for a while so would be worth changing.

here is a pic

Can you get replacement ones for these or can you fit new standard rears? and anyone know were to get them.

Thanks for your time



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Thats what I thought as the teins I had on my other R just used standard. Do you know anywere you can get the standard ones from? or is it a case of nissan

Mr B

ADL (BluePrint) & SA SolidAuto) do drop links for gtir so you can get Jap manufactured quality direct from local good motor factors cheap.
Worth measuring length & check this along with fitting sizes when pick some up, length being one to double check as had a feeling the mount on D2 struts was located different height thus requiring special length drop links but that purely hunch as never used or experienced D2's ...