cutting ecu pin 32?

Ok so i did cut it and it didn't limit at 112mph but it did speed cut further on like hitting a wall. Would this be due to not fitting a converter or just a mapping issue. Have been googling for converters and can find nothing other than forum posts where do you buy them?
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Thanks mate so it wasn't that easy then. You wouldn't know where to buy a delimiter i have been googling like mad and come up with nothing so far.

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I had similar when my first delimiter died and the speedo saw no speed signal, was like a total ignition and fuel cut at whatever speed I was flooring it at and I think the revs had to drop to about 4000 before it cut back in. Was a bit disconcerting the first time it did it. Basically the ecu needs to get a speed signal.


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I think a lot of the time people fit a converter without delimiting it; mine reads in mph but cuts-out when the wheel speed it 118mph... which is approximately the increase in rolling radius between 14" and 16" wheels.

It's never really bothered me since the only time it hits the limiter is on the dyno.