Cold Air Feed




Materials and tools.
At least 1m of flexi duct, either 100mm ( 4 inch ) or 125mm ( 5 inch ) Preferably black.
Foil tape
Duck tape or similar
Plastic or metal strip ( I cut a bit out of one of the slats of the section of bumper removed for meshing )
1 x 5mm nut and bolt , 30mm in length
2 x washers
10mm socket or spanner
12mm socket
Medium phillips screwdriver
Drill with 6 mm bit
Stanley knife.
First things first, remove battery, and front bumper,( 2 screws up in the wings near wheel well, 3 fixings on each brake duct, pull bumper off trying not to brake tabs in bumper bar.) Will also need to remove left hand side brake duct from arch splash guard.

Picture A shows the hole in wing that cold air feed will come through . As you can see the fuse box obscures some of the hole and needs relocating. You will also need to pull out the old airbox feed. The bracket in picture B needs to be removed , this is at the underside of the wing.


Picture C…remove fuse box from fixing point, 10mm socket to remove bolt and then pull off . The yellow circle shows the old point where the fuse box pushed into the wing, the arrow shows where its going to push in from now on. Picture D shows the Bracket that will now carry the bolt that holds the fuse box , this was made by cutting a 90mm strip of plastic out of the old centre section cut from my front bumper. The bottom hole is drilled measuring 10mm to centre of hole from bottom of bracket, top hole is then drilled 60mm from centre of bottom hole to centre of top hole. If you havn't the centre section lying around you'll have to find something else. Anything reasonably strong will do. The red circles show old fixing points, yellow new. Place 30mm bolt into top hole of bracket so that the thread end is pointing into the engine bay. Use original bolt to hold on bracket. Red circles show original fixing points, yellow show the new. The fuse box can now be refixed into it's new position, its easier to do up the top bolt on the bracket if you remove the lid of the box.


Picture E. With the left hand side brake duct removed you will need to cut out a hole approximately the size of your duct. I had a funnel the same size so used that as a template and chain drilled the hole. Use a stanley knife to clean up the edges. Picture F shows the flexi duct attached to the brake duct. All ends were folded over and taped with the foil tape. If the hole has been cut to the right size the wires of the flexi duct will grip onto the brake duct, Position the flexi duct so that it fills the opening that will be at the bumper end. Using the duct tape to seal the flexi duct to the brake duct. At this point you can paint the inside of the duct black so it wont notice behind. Normal spray paint may flake off so if you have any use stone chip, or do the sensible thing and try and get black flexi duct…


In picture G the brake duct has been re fixed to the arch splash guard and is temporarily held with string at the bumper end. It is then just a case of getting the flexi duct up through the hole in the wing, I was using 125mm ( 5inch duct ) which was a bit of a pain to get through so 100mm would be easier. By bunching the duct up and manipulating it into a similar shape as the hole in the wing it is possible to get it through and then un-bunch it to get it somewhere near the filter ( picture H ), You need to be gentle with it so it doesn't rip, If it does repair using the foil tape. The other way would be to get enough through to enable a section to be joined on and tape the join with the foil tape.

Replace the battery and the bumper and that's that.