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Guys i need a pic of the plug for the coil. i need it to show the wires because my loom is missing the plug but i have another plug off another loom but it isnt the plug off the coil so i need to rewire it. so need to know where the wires go in the plug.

the 2 wires i have without a plug on one is black with a red line. cant remember the other wire colour tho lol


Just taken a couple stu, but still outside so can't upload for a sec, if you're desperate pm me your mobile number and I'll pop it over now.

fubar andy

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Blast from the past...

Has anyone else got any photos of the plug connected to the coil and where the wiring runs to from the coil?

My engine has been dropped back into the engine bay last week, but for whatever reason the plug to the coil is now missing; since I've been away for the last 3 weeks and next week, I can't look at what I need or nor can the car be started or moved.

Any photos on this would be appreciated so I know what I need to look for or perhaps buy one if I can't find it



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I'll take a photo for you tomorrow if it's not pissing with rain. - I need to get stuck in and sort that split hose if I want to be able to drive it now that it's fully insured.