Chassis earth



I noticed what looks like an earth wire hanging free on the bottom of the car. Its just before the cat (no, not the bloody cat sensor).

Where’s it meant to go to, couldn’t see a bolt. Does it go to chassis or onto exhaust even?

Also, got a 2inch round hole on the bottom of the car (which you can feel fabric through) around the passenger side rear seats – whats this for, I assume meant to have a bung/cover over it?


done a bit of a search, found one post which mentioned the earth cable I think I'm on about.

Seemed to suggest the earth cable went onto the exhaust flange bolts.

Not 100% sure though. Anyone taking their cat/front pipe off must have seen it?

Might have been to earth the cat/cat sensor? (oh god, ****ing cat sensor again)...


Yep it goes on to the banana bracket on the front of the Cat i thought it was more incase the rubbers failed :oops:

and id say you need a grommet for the floor probaby its a standard drain hole


Yeah if its the one i think your on about it does connect to the bracket which holds the front part of the cat in place.