bg coilovers


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Any coilovers are going to be crap really for road use. If its just for road use i think your always better just putting lowering springs on.

Im proberly just getting a bit old but i prefer a bit of comfort and not have every panel rattling over every bump.


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got whiteline springs on standard struts at the mo but shocks are starting to age ,would rather uprated shocks but cant get hold of any in good road friendly coilovers are the best option.


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Yup that's the way I've been thinking recently.

Anything I've found on the bg coilovers say that they're shit- do a general google and you'll find stuff on other car clubs. I'm going to go for something more well known when I change mine.



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Tbh I would go with the name they're trying to copy BC coilovers not BG,I personally wouldn't trust an inferior product on my car but it's down to personal preference and obviously money!