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Due to the sheer volume of content currently stored on this site it has become necessary for us to ask you to be a little more mindful of the size of pictures being displayed in threads.

Some of you may have noticed that a number of members have stopped posting full size pictures and are now using our preferred thumbnails (paid-member attachments) or just links. This will ensure that the website runs nice and quick and those with low speed connections will be able to view a complete thread as quickly as possible:thumbsup:

people continuing to post full size pictures will be asked to modify them asap or they will be deleted/modified for you.

wrapping your http link with clicky will mean that instead of a long link being displayed you will just see clicky or whatever you fancy putting in as a title. please quote this post to see what i mean;-)

members please feel free to continue using your galleries to display pics as that area was specifically designed for hosting;-) this is directed purely at the other sections currently in use.

Thanks for reading, Stuart

any questions please feel free to pm a mod:thumbsup:
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