B!oody Herbie Horn



yeah, yeah, dave done all the work etc..but the cars mine now :twisted: - as ive put "my car....." people who read and see the feature will see me driving it around and say "ur cars in banzai isnt it?"

cant believe the amount of people that stand at stare when im in traffic :shock:

top job on the car dave, its running sweet :D :D

people will see in the feature that it was daves and he done the work....?!?

changed the bottom quote thingy to keep every1 happy :roll: :wink: :D :D

pigme - u can have it for 10k :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:


if you want a cheap, loud horn, that will make people move aside;

just go to a scrapper and get a mercedes horn (after '90 C,E or S class will do) :twisted: