Any tricks for getting crank pulley off without removal tool?


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So, having taken the wheel and inner arch cover off to get access to the crank pulley, the big bolt in the centre of the pulley finally came off with (a lot of) air gun action. However, the pulley is pretty much stuck solid, and I don't have access to a pulley removal tool at the moment. Anybody got some tricks for taking the pulley off without the tool? Can I use 2 bolts through the small bolt holes to push against the casing behind it? Any body know what size they are?


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You should be able to!

That's how I get mine off too, touch of WD40 to allow the pully to slide off and gently lever it off


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Just watch you don't damage the oil pump housing behind the pulley.
That's what I was going to say too. - Especially if you put bolts through the pulley because they might happily punch through the casing.


you could drown it in wd40 to loosen it, if u cant use a lever bar maybe a hefty flat head screw driver might be able to wiggle it free??


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Well, the old pulley is off and the new one is on. Couple of screwdrivers and about an hour of gentle persuasion did the job. Got the rear belt back on easy enough, but the alternator belt is proving problematic due to some rounded bolts. :rolleyes:


Is the crank pulley bolt 26mm AF?
My biggest socket is 24mm so it looks like a trip to Halfrauds is on the cards.
I used a variable spanner to estimate the size, but knowing my luck ill buy a 26 but it'll actually be 25 or 27 or 1"