200SX Part Fitment

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Clutch - NO

Flywheel- NO

Exhaust manifold - can be made to...by those who are to cheap to get the proper thing made

Turbo elbow - see manifold comment

Head - can be made to fit but for what purpose is beyond me

Block - NO

Pistons - Yes

Rods - Can be made to but the bearings are inferior

Crank - fits yes but flywheel holes are smaller and requires the use of those inferior rod bearings as above

Oil pump - NO

Water pump - NO

Cams - NO

Head gasket - NO

Valve springs - NO

Ignition leads/plugwires - Jap spec RPS/S13 yes, S14/15 NO (S14/15 use a coil on plug distributorless ignition setup)

Distributor - NO (for one the S14/15 dont use a distributor and no the RPS/S13 one wont work)

Oil sump - NO

Fuel rail - NO

Cam gears/pulleys - yes

Rocker arm stopper - yes with modifications to the rocker cover

Rocker cover - S14/15 - NO (the big fuck off VTC controller on the intake cam should give that away), Jap spec RPS/S13 yes (require mounting point for throttle cable bracket to be fabricated on the RPS/S13 cover)

Accessory pulleys - NO

Engine mounts - you're kidding right? you werent really thinking of asking this? Incase you havent guessed it thats a NO!

Now that youve read this and taken offense to my sarcasm if i see any more "will this 200sx crap fit my R" and its listed in this thread i will lock that thread.
Not open for further replies.