Whiteline Castor kit question.

Hey guys would like to place an order for the castor kit for the GTi-R but i'm confused as there seem to be 2 kinds of kits online. Tried emailing whiteline 5 times and they have yet to reply.
Well this is the info i got:
Control arm-rear caster adj.
1 / 2 / Adds +1.0 deg to both sides / Nissan Caster Kit / NISSAN CASTER KIT
Code: #KCA303
Price: AU$71.55 (Australian Dollars)

Anti-lift/caster kit
1 / 2 / Adds +0.5deg caster / Reduces front lift under power / Nissan N14 GTiR
Code: #KCA346
Price: AU$171.82 (Australian Dollars)

So what is the difference between the 2? So which kit should i get? Coz my intention is just to get the castor kit and the rear anti-roll bar.
Basically the above mentioned mods, how is it achieved and what does it do?

That aside dont mind roughly explaining what are the other Whiteline parts. What do they replace and are they just nitty gritty stuff or really necessay to upgrade?
Front Swaybar link bush kit(GTi-R handling kit)
Front swaybar Dbush kit-28mm(GTi-R handling kit)
Front of front control arm bush kit
Front bump steer correction kit
Rear control arm bush kit
Rear trailing arm bush kit
Rear subframe lock kit

Thanks in advance guys. But i'm really confused between the 2 castor kits. Dont wanna spend unnecessary money.


Ive read up on the whiteline kits - i assume you want rear anti-roll bar and castor kit cause thats what their base upgrade is. Castor kit changes castor from 2 degrees to 8 degrees (I dont know of ANY cars with only 2 degrees). This puts negative camber on your front wheels (makes the outside wheel have more surface area on the ground when turning - doesnt scrub you tyres in a straight line which is a bonus. Rear bar opposite to what you would think stiffens up the front end getting rid of some of that nasty understeer. The above is the next mod i will be doing
Btw the castor kit that comes with the Handling Kit is KCA346 but seems that it costs more than the optional KCA303 and that KCA303 dials in more castor than the KCA346.
So i'm blur to get which particual kit.

Oh btw those out there with the castor kit apparently i heard that it is harder for the steering wheel to centre. Is the steering feel reduced?
Or are they all just myths? And dialing in castor is worth every penny.

I wanna order to kit as soon as possible.

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I fitted the kca 346 this week and initial feelings are it tramlines alot more. I need to get the wheel alignment checked now I've fitted it, but initially it definately likes to wander.
So the question of the day.
The castor kit worth the benefits or just a waste of money?
Would u rather save up the money and just get the bumpsteer kit.
Or just grab hold of the Handling kit from whiteline... Period....

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So far this week I've put on both upper braces and the lower 4 point one, the castor kit and the front arb bushes. I still have the rear arb and all the rear bushed to do.
It feels abit steadier around the corners, but to be honest I haven't thrashed it since I fitted them.

Maybe Memski could give you a better answer as to wether it's worth it, I think he has it all on his car.


I thought in theory the steering would centre easlier - thats half the point of castor in a car. I think putting the castor kit in would screw with the toe of the steering anyways - has to be compensated for.
compensate in what way?
I thought after installing the castor kit u generally change the geometry and need to re align anyway.

Oh btw this castor kit from Whiteline, what does it replaces?
Is it basically an ecentric bush fitted to the lower control arm?

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The KCA 346 I fitted is an eccentric bush that replaces the rear bush on the front lower arms. It also has metal spacers to lower the mounting bracket as the bush is deeper.


yeah - thats what i ment by compensate. All geometry (except for static neg camber) will change
Anyway the mystery of the CASTOR kit from Whiteline has been answered via email. So i'm happy for now.
Now for question no2....
Personally how do u guys describe the handling trait bumpsteer. Try to explain it in lay man terms coz all the other websites i've checked. Well i dont understand at all basically.
And as for this bumpsteer kit is it as simple as some massively engineered tie rod rose joints so that it is stiffer and less prone to flex right? I wonder is it easy to fabircate something like that.
I'm mad but have to consider it coz i cant affoard it. Sigh.


Bump steer is changes in toe alignment as the suspension extends and compresses.