rev counter


looked this up on search and seems solution is changing clocks however i just put some new clocks in cause the fuel and temp gauge had stopped working properly as somone had fitted white dials now i have fitted complete new cluster the rev counter and speedo dont work is there a fuse anywhere that it could be i took the whole dash back apart to check the connection and it was fine cleaned it with contact cleaner and still no joy i may have knocked the clocks before i put them in which is annoying

cheers jamie

geoff pine

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It could be that there from different phases I or phase 2 have you checked to see if the wiring cards on the back of the clusters are exactly the same .I think one says anti lock and two says abs.


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Make sure that the new cluster is compatable with what you had. There are two types of gauge clusters each use different pinouts. YTo find out, compare the printer circuit board at the back.