Looking to buy first RNN14


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I'm familiar with Nissans and their typical trend of things to look out for. I'm looking at purchasing my first GTI-R but the dealership says it needs tires, oil change, gear flushes, and belts. It sounds like it's been sitting for a bit. That's an easy fix. What stuff specifically do I need to look out for/ fix right off the bat when looking into one? If it matters (Which I doubt it does) it's a GTI-RA.


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If possible do a compression test, listen for tapping, does it smoke, is it leaking, crunchy gears. How much you trust the dealer???


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I'd be worried about rust more than anything

Check the front crossmember (bit the radiator sits on) wheel arches, floor, sills, area behind the rear wheels with the boot vents in. Pull all the carpet away in the boot and check the rear suspension turrets too.

If there's rust in any of those areas you could be looking at a big repair bill as it almost always ends up being twice as bad as it looks once you getting into it!

Jon Olds

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Great love the banter. Think the GTIR is like a right of passage to a petrolhead. If you can master
their quirks and idiosyncrasies then you have at least the patience of jobe............LOL

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Don't bother wasting your money,unless you like emptying your wallet into the bin.
This! :handpointup:

I'm currently trying to rebuild mine and its nothing short of an uphill struggle trying to find parts.

You'll either pay big for a clean example or peanuts for literal dog shit and then you can "enjoy" throwing money into what feels like a raging hobo oil drum fire hoping you'll come out the other end without a 2nd mortgage and something driveable!

Even with a minter, you'll need to have money on standby for repairs and maintenance upkeep.


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If you like chucking money away,chuck it my way,so I can continue driving mine like I've stole it,v power aint cheap and these bloody things go through it like it's going out of fashion.


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Reading all of this does not put me off, chiefly because it's too late for me since I've already spent a fortune. Hopefully I won't have to once it's running for at least ........a couple of months until the gear box goes.


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The gearbox will be fine,it boils my piss when people ask what car it is then turn round and say oh yeah there gearboxes are shit,good luck getting home,get f**ked idiot,if it breaks you fix it,stop granny shifting and learn how to double clutch.


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I only say that about the gearbox as I'll be running in the late 300s. I have had it shot for strength so it should be fine for some heavy wellie.