Flat Spot


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Got a real flat spot on my R. plugs are a good colour and no missfire,,,i know car needs a new det sensor but has now started feeling even more sluggish :sad:

anyone got ant comment on what the symptoms of a tired dizzy cap and rotor arm? would this be like a flat spot when going from almost throttle off to light / medium throttle?

comments appreciated.




So easy to take the dizzy cap off and have a look mate. 2 10mm bolts from memory and just have a look inside, all contacts should be clean ish I.E. not burnt out etc. 20 mins to take the cap off and clean all contacts and re fit.


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I would change the det sensor first before fault finding anything else!
If its still there when that's done, then change the cheaper things first! Ie rotor arm and dizzy cap. Then ht leads.
Also check the pipes on the fpr, if they are split or perished it will cause these symptoms you have.