Engine mounts and brackets


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Got my R in bits so its all been a bit of a puzzel. Got a couple questions though.

I have a mount on the bulk head, but how does this attatch to engine? I cant find the 'Y' bracket thing if thats what i need?

The bar thing that bolts to the front of the block, does this go in after i fit engine or before?

Also what other brackets etc do i need as i just have boxs of parts and alot of bits have been missing. Had to buy them as i go. Pics would be a great help aswell.


right the mount on the bulkhead is a stabilizer mount which attaches to a bracket located on top of the gear and transferbox

the tubular bar will be fitted in place after you have got the engine assembly in, the front stabilizer is also mounted to this bar which fits to a bracket on front of the block

im dropping an engine on a customers car this afternoon so il try get some photos up for you later this evening if i have time

btw bits posted out yesterday for you;-)