bee r rev limiter

rx jamie

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anyone ever fitted one ? i have the fitting guide in japanese and a driftworks one in english. driftworks one doesnt really tell anything you cant work out from the japanese version or pictures lol.
i havent got a clue how to fit it. i can obviously work out that black is earth and red is positive. anyone shed some light ?

apparently yellow wire on the unit goes to : rpm signal on ecu
green goes to: ignition signal on ecu

but what the hell do i do with pins 16, 14, 16 and 18 on the ecu ? why list pin 16 twice ???


rx jamie

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right ok.ive been looking through some ecu diagrams after a forum search.
39 is ground
2 is rpm
47 is ignition

in the jap instructions it shows to use pins 21 and 31 for something. what do these pins correspond to on the ecu? eg whats there function ?