ball joint


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Hi guys just looked at my passengers front ball joint its has no circlip and there's grease around it.

The drivers side is in good condition. How easy are they to replace?

Do I need a press to pop them out and put them in or can I use a hammer?

Is it worth changing both sides?

Thanks j


You could probably hammer then out but I was concerned about distorting the arm as they are really in there. I pressed mine out using a bit of pipe on the rear and a big vice.


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Take the wheel off, then undo the top ball joint nut, remove the anti-roll bar nut, then remove the three other bolts that hold the lower arm to the chassis. Took the arm off, used a socket and three ton press to push out the old ball joint, pressed the new joint in, put it back on the car, zipped all the nuts up with the air gun, job done!

No welds or anything to contend with, the ball joints are just pushed in to the arm and secured with a c-clip. You could easily do the job with just a big hammer, vise and a socket set.