2015 gtiroc calendars?



Andy, can you put the Isle of man shots from this year? the one on the mountain with the painted wall behind was good. I'm sure there must have been others.

Just thinking back now it would have been cool if we had surrounded your E46 M3 like being ganged up on an made on of thise funky memes. Go home M3 your brakes were cooked miles back. (no offence intended) haha.


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the k863 i thinks andys car and the two in the yard i think there a blokes around the corner from his

didi you get my email with pics steve?


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Seriously?! framed with a bin, cracked number plate, ragged wedged under bonnet, mismatched panels. There is no amount of Photoshop that could turn that into an image that I would want to use as have on my wall for 30 days.
I don't have a tail, live in a hole in the ground or still have a CRT monitor ;) I also I don't have time to photoshop this year, thats why i asked for quality shots ..............should have moved that shot over to the left a little more and framed the entire bin.
Okay calm down 2pac aka make veil 7. :roll:
The point of the picture was work n progress shot, which most of our cars our at the moment.
Take a chill pill.

But on another note, thanks for taking time out to take such detailed analysis of my car. X
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To be more constructive, for a work in progress shot try putting the car in the garage and using the door frame to naturally frame the car. If you have a light in the garage try a night shot with the light on to draw emphasis to the car, also think a little bit about prep (i.e. remove the rag and cracked number plate) and what else is in shot that will pull the viewers eye away from the car (e.g. bright blue bin lids). Finally you might want to think about a black and white conversion, for me there is something about garage shots in B&W that adds a grittiness and texture to the photograph, it was also help mask the mismatched colour of the panels.