Cusco front lsd


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Thought I would post this incase it ever helps anyone.

Hens teeth I know but I have one I have never used due to a broken friction plate and it took me a long time with help from an OZ member on Facebook to find the correct plates.

It's long discontinued cusco lsd part number lsd 138 A. The A denotes it's a type MZ with the cone pressure plates.

Part number for the rebuild plates is lsd 001 07.
They are size C plates.

This was info was found in the discontinued section of a cusco catalogue.

Taken pics from gtiroz to show what it looks like


Screenshot_20240526_183448_Microsoft 365 (Office).jpg


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Thought I would add this aswell as I think this is the rarest front lsd I have ever seen for a gtir.

Again it's a cusco plated lsd but whats strange with this one is its part number lsd 138 f the f standing for the type RS spring loaded model.

What strange about this is the RS lsd came out long after the MZ and I assume long after the cusco front lsd was discontinued for the rnn14.
It also looks to have the later grooved plates.

I have never seen a sprung preloaded front lsd for a gtir so found it interesting,strangley it look quite modern by box design aswell but nothing can be found on the F part number.

I found these pics on upgarage




Screenshot_20240526_180451_Samsung Internet.jpg