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Yorkshire Meet & Cruise on New Years Day

Discussion in 'England - North' started by donpulsar, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. donpulsar

    donpulsar South Yorkshire Regional Rep

    Jan 24, 2003
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    Hi all,

    New Years Day is always a bit boring - some shops open, some not and all you end up doing is nursing a
    hangover and watching crummy repeats on telly, so I thought I'd arrange summat a little different!

    And before i start all this it doesn't matter what y'driving - Pulsar / Pickup Truck / Sherman Tank - whatever! By all means bring the Jap beast for a run, but if thats laid up then come in whatever's to hand! If i can get the seats back in the 'R then I'll be there in mine, otherwise it'll be the Colt/Legacy! ;-)

    Anyway, here's the plan!

    I'm organising a meet & cruise from Donny on New Years Day to the "Wetherby Whaler" - a good fish n'chips
    restaurant near York with decent parking and a VFM menu. (Link here : http://www.wetherbywhaler.co.uk/york/index.htm )

    Got 3 pick up points so if there's one near you and you'd like to come on down then feel free, be good to see y'all and put some faces to names :)

    We'll initially be meeting at Doncaster at the Vue/Warners Cinema carpark (less than 5 mins from Jcn 3 M18
    - on the same retail area as Asda) from 12pm and leaving at 12.30pm.

    A link to googlemaps showing this is here (The Cinema is marked with an "A") :


    We'll then head down the M18 then east on the M62 to the Shell Petrol Station/Maccies at Jcn 36 (Goole) to
    arrive at approx 12.55pm. We'll leave there at 1.10pm and head up through Selby and towards York on the

    A link to googlemaps page showing this is here (The McDonalds is marked with an "A") :


    On the A19 there are 2 laybys on the Northbound (i.e left hand side) of the road - we'll be stopping at the
    2nd layby for pickups. The layby is located just after the village of Deighton on the A19 (After the BP
    garage at Escrick which is on the Southbound side). Should arrive there approx. 1.35-1.40pm and will depart at 1.50pm. Aiming to get to the Whaler just after 2pm.

    A link to googlemaps showing this is here (The BP Petrol station is marked with a "B" and the layby is
    visible just North of there past Deighton) :


    I know its an afternoon meet and some / most of you may still be hungover :sick: or sleeping in gutters ;-), but if
    you can make it that'd be cool. :thumbsup:

    Cheers and hope to see you there,

    donpulsar :-D
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