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TimeAttack 2008

Discussion in 'Time Attack' started by Kev@Apex, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. Kev@Apex

    Kev@Apex New Member

    Mar 14, 2007
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    They are already asking for numbers by the end of September fo who wants in on TimeAttack2008.

    Who has sent off the forms then?
  2. pulsarboby

    pulsarboby Guest

    i had one 2 weeks ago, but wont be running as i think the whole thing is a total ripoff!
    far too expensive for what it is.

    far better to get your msa licence and go do some proper racing, in a club event such as
    lma euro saloons
    barc championship
    750 hothatch etc

    its cheaper, more tracktime, more fun, better chances of grabbing a sponsor (results permitting) and real car bang on the door racing, tv coverage etc etc!
    and your up against some very good drivers in group a class (which gtir will come under) and if you can grab a top 6 finish then you should be very proud of yourself as some of these teams are running ex touring cars, and drivers as well as full back up teams!
    so everything to win and nothing to lose.

    time attack is boring to watch
    would be boring to compete in
    expensive to enter
    over commercialised mainly by bl00dy tuner companies
    everything is overhyped about it, total and utter waste of money unless you run a tuning company and want to advertise it via your car
    verdict: ripoff:lol: and very:yawn:
  3. Kev@Apex

    Kev@Apex New Member

    Mar 14, 2007
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    I'll take it nobody is entered from here then?

    Boby - boring to watch, well theres no overtaking, but its still quite good seeing all the tuned cars, most of them based on whats also in the car park blasting round. The hairpin at KH in the wet was an awesome place to watch people like Jimmy McRae.

    Its a great laugh, dont know what you havent tried, the atmosphere is nice, people nice, top quality tracks and lots of tuned cars.

    Yep, its not the cheapest.

    Well, to race you need funding, for funding you have to give something back to your sponsors. So over-hyped in the mags, and 6 hours of TV coverage on Motors TV will help you secure sponsors. And thats why all the tuning companies are in Time Attack - because it watched. Where else are there no rules on modifications, where 1000bhp Evo can race closely with a 400bhp elise, dodge viper, or Pulsar? Its unlimited motorsport, where else can you get so few rules on whats allowed or not allowed on the cars?

    Time Attack is as much about the cars as the drivers, things like the BMW saloon racing are so tightly regulated that its only about driver and setup - its entirely different, if a more pure form of motorsport.

    The "nippon challenge" looks a good bet if you want door handle to door handle racing :thumbsup:
  4. snoon

    snoon New Member

    Dec 28, 2005
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    You'd need thousands to compete and keep up with the big boys
  5. fubar andy

    fubar andy Moderator & N/W Rep Staff Member

    Aug 15, 2005
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    The thing I have about Time Attack is that, say you (Kev) are the most skilled driver at Time Attack, your still not going to be able to stand out to impress or show your skills to anyone due to the fact that some rich fat boy next to you owns a 900hp evo with thousands of pounds poured in to the development and its creation.

    Your sat in your 400hp 200SX thinking “I could beat him” as he’s not really worked on his own car or knows the “in’s and out’s like I do”, yet when it comes to the track he just pulls away like your sat still. (that wasn't a dig btw ;-) )

    Looking at it I sometimes think that it’s just futile, as skilled drivers will never make 1st 2nd or 3rd and the real winners are people that have the biggest pockets. :der:

    I spoke to Marc about it and they were going to have a 3rd class this year, but that seems to have been disregarded.

    I still think that TA should have a pro class for all the “hardcore tuner” companies, but then have the rest of the club class split into power to weight categories (two maybe threes groups) so that we can see who has “real skills” and others that just have deep pockets.
  6. rayman75

    rayman75 New Member

    Aug 8, 2003
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    some companies this year are having pro drivers driving there cars, like the winner of the clio cup class, and a touring car driver.

    not only that the coverage on motors TV was pish pour.
  7. pulsarboby

    pulsarboby Guest

    i stand by what i said above kev.
    still say its boring to watch, and as andy says above is not in anyway a reflection of true driving skills! totally unjust and unfair, in every way concievable.

    with other forms of motorsport you get much more vfm, and seeing as most of the cars are very similar in power then it comes down to driver skilll which is ultimately what motorsport is all about, not whos got the most to gain financially from it!

    also in what i would call 'real racing' you have much more tracktime with practice sessions, qualifying and a half hour race at the end of it. its a 2 or 3 day event every other week if you wish to participate in all the rounds that is! not a 1 minute hotlap as in time attack.

    deffo not for me, but then its everyone to their own 'as they say'
  8. Lionel

    Lionel Member

    Oct 25, 2006
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    Iv got to say I with bob on this. I do like TA a lot and love watching the TA from Japan on OPTION BUT its not real motor sport. Come on how any car that runs at the top in TA could last in a proper race IE over more then just 3 laps.

    I couldn’t see Norris evo or RC evo lasting a full race on the limit the cars are just not made for that + I doubt that they would even get a chance to enter as most of the owner don’t build these cars to the "BLUE BOOK".

    Yes the Nippon challenge will be great and we going to run in this in 2009 but that real motor sport. TA is just like drift it’s not a real motor sport and the MSA will never take it under their wing.

    I no Andy and glen very well and I take my hat off to them for what they have done with both the drifting and TA as I was there when drift started in the UK and its nice to see it grow but it just not going to be seen as proper motor sport im sorry but I think a lot of "real racers" feel the same.

    Just my view
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2008
  9. Kev@Apex

    Kev@Apex New Member

    Mar 14, 2007
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    Its true, but thats what TimeAttack is about.

    Its not about the drivers, but about the cars. Tuning companies and parts suppliers showing what they can do. Of course the driver makes a lot of differance, and I wouldnt be suprised to see several BTCC class driver in the top Procars this year, but thats fine I think :)

    Last year 35 club entrants, 17 claiming 500bhp or more. So I should have been in the bottom half of the feild. No, I was in the top 10 twice. It feels good passing 600bhp rich boys who cant drive. Dont get me wrong, I'm no driving god myself, but I am also not crap and have a decent amount of tracktime under my belt.

    I dont have anyone building my car other than me and a few friends in a barn on top of a moor. I have a tuner to map the car, thats the only thing I dont do myself. Apex loans me a few grands worth of parts (brakes, wheels & gearbox) but 80% is owned and paid for by me, I'm a true club level guy even if I do work for a parts supplier. My car is mainly Apex "own brand" items, not big jap brands. I think my car would cost around £15K to replicate from scratch, some people have spent more than that on the base car before mods. I bougth my S13 for £250 :D

    I'll be aiming for top 10 again this year, and to be one of the fastest RWD in club, maybe even a top 6 place at one event will be possible.

    I have to say I'm a fan, and we are sponsoring the Time Attack series as well this year :thumbsup:

    KSport - Official braking system of Time Attack 2008
    KSport - Official suspension system of EDC 2008

    Last edited: Jan 23, 2008
  10. pulsarboby

    pulsarboby Guest

    quote> It feels good passing 600bhp rich boys who cant drive<endquote

    youve hit the nail on the head with that quote there kev. exactly my point that your not passing these guys! you maybe a 10th sec quicker on that hotlap but if it were a race you may well not have passed him! thats the difference between pacemaking and out n out racing

    i can understand where your coming from kev, but it is different for you as you work for apex who are directly involved with sponsorship etc, so even though you foot the bill for parts etc you are still getting them at a significantly reduced rate!

    its the same with me my car and the racing im planning on doing this year, its paid for and funded by parts i sell on here and ebay! but if i never put the money into the car and racing fund then it would be in my pocket instead lol.
    so its my choice, im still paying in one way or the other! can you see what im saying here.

    i will plaster my car with advertising of my website and newly formed company, but in reality im sponsoring myself and advertising my company.
    if i were to enter time attack then i would be a very small insignificant fish in a big pond, as ive nothing to really sell other than work involving gtir's so it would be a waste of time.

    but it ultimately comes down to what you yourself enjoy doing;-)
    theres stu666v, bracpan, trip all enjoy hillclimb events which is a good base participants form of motorsport where you meet people who are all in a similar boat to themselves (no big cats)
    the same can be said for the barc, 750 hothatch, lma euro saloon championship.
    ive met a lot of guys like myself who enter for the sheer fun of participating in motorsport, yes there are big cats here too (its a 50-50 split really) but like you rightly said.....its part of the fun to try and whoop some of the big cats, but at the end of the day the money side of things goes out the window and its like one big happy family where everyone has a few beers and a laugh and talks about the days event and what there gonna be do the following day.
    good commeradery and that in my mind is what motorsport is all about (not whos got the most money or whos selling the best stuff)
    but next day when the flag drops the bullshit stops! its then everyone for themselves untill the race is over.
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