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The Kinzuru Sessions 2

Discussion in 'Wales' started by flatfour, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. flatfour

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    May 30, 2009
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    After much pain and sweat Kinzuru have found a suitable venue for the Kinzuru Sessions 2.
    The format is very simple it’s just a large play pen for a mixture of drift and grip driving in a relaxed safe environment. The session is not a public event; it’s a private practice day for JDM cars owners. No public spectators are allowed entry, this is to allow you to gain confidence to bond with your car without the pressures of a crowd analysing your style. Drivers can bring 2 guests.
    The sessions will take place at the Carmarthen meat market (next door to the showground) on the 19th July 2009 we aim to get the show on the road by 10:00am and cease play at 17:00. Be quick to book as there are only 30 places available at £30.


    There aren’t many so it’s not hard to follow

    Helmets to be worn
    Drivers guests are to remain in the guest area whilst track is live
    No speeding in and around the venue

    Cars are to be road worthy:
    No fluid/oil leaks
    No sharp protruding edges
    Seat belts/harnesses are to be in tact and worn
    Seats are to be mounted correctly and fastened correctly
    No bad attitudes


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