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Discussion in 'Ireland' started by pearl 476.5bhp, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. i seen a black 93 L 948 reg pulsar last nite on the cork road into carrigaline,then today at 4 o clock spotted another black pulsar coming out of douglas onto the southlink..does anybody know who these people are.......is it you dave
  2. daveh.gtir

    daveh.gtir Guest

    na lad i wouldnt think so... that yoke is out in cit on main road in 1 of those estates. the black 1 that is, thing never leaves there didnt think it actually moved :-D if it was me id be pulling ya for chat, do u ever venture outside the southside, theres a whole big world out here :thumbsup:

    lad im putting my car through nct soon who would be able to do a look over and a prep for it.??
  3. daveh.gtir

    daveh.gtir Guest

    :oops: [edited} my bad double clicked..:oops:
  4. micra man

    micra man Guest

    i spotted a pearl white gtir with a small dude driving it with an enormous nose ever see him around carrigaline haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  5. im not a mechanic kid,all i do is drive the car:-D just put it through and if it fails just replace the parts
  6. daveh.gtir

    daveh.gtir Guest

    look closely lad i said who would not would you... southsiders lol
    ya im goina just stick it tru but wen it fails were would best place to bring it dont think normal mechanic would do.????
  7. sorry bud,demot my buddy dermot will look after you not a bother
  8. daveh.gtir

    daveh.gtir Guest

    is he the lad from newtown, i was there 2day passing was mad looking wen i was passing dnt know wat i was looking for but i thought i mite spot sumthing lol:doh:
    will he do the work if there is work thats the shot if u trust him id defo trust him:thumbsup: does he be busy, wat times he work at. i recon u shuld bring me spin up there, mallow road in your yoke :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: pure scary

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