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Roots Supercharged Civic Ep3 Type - R Exchange

Discussion in 'GTi-R Car's Wanted' started by GTIRTESSA, Dec 15, 2016.


    GTIRTESSA New Member

    Mar 14, 2015
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    Hi everyone !

    I currently have a Civic EP3 Type R - Pre Facelift 2002 with a Jacksons Supercharger fitted, I had a GTi-R about 8 years ago and have the itch for another.

    I am interested in a part exchange to a GTiR or a straight swap depending on spec.

    Am looking for a good looked after GTiR basically, Forged engine and Gearset appealing but not essential as long as car is in very good condition .

    Here is all the info :

    Jacksons Racing Ep3 Type-R (293bhp + 202lb ft Torque )

    2002 EP3 Pre-Facelift Nighthawk Black - 113k on clock)

    1 Previous owner before me and Full History in Log book stamped to 88 - 90k I bought the car at 94k and it was totally standard and all parts have been bought new. Reciepts for all parts included.

    Car has had 3 visists to TDI North to carry out all tuning and fitting of mods.

    Jacksons Racing Supercharger - Rebuilt by High Speed Lab Missouri USA in August 2016

    ( I Have full receipt for all High Speed lab and can supply contact info for Alisha @ High Speed Lab )

    New Eaton 4th Gen Rotor Assembly and Snout assembly including all bearings and seals

    New Jon Bond Performance Supercharger Oil
    3.2" CPL Racing Pully
    CPL Racing Supercharger brace
    Energy Suspension Engine Mount inserts
    Lambda Harness
    Deatschwerks 800cc injectors
    Tegiwa carbon airbox
    Japspeed 4-2-1 exhaust manifold
    K-tuned 3" exhaust
    MFactory LSD
    MFactory diff bearings
    Project MU front pads
    Brembo Front discs
    Stoptech rear pads
    Hel braided lines
    Eibach 30mm drop springs ( bought of a friend )
    Eibach camber bolts
    D2 rear camber arms

    Handling set up in by Pro Tyre Poole ( have printout )

    All other work carried out by Tdi North and mapped on hondata K100 by Paul West @ Tdi North

    Car made 293 bhp and 202 lb torque
    ( Have 2 printouts of Dyno as mapped it first to 243 on my first trip then supercharger mapped to 293

    I have 44 pages of receipts ( as had to give it all to insurance company and happy to share if interested )

    Standard bodywork and wheels with few scuffs and the odd ding on bodywork and wheels.

    Has full standard interior in good condition

    The only receipt i do not have is for the charger which was a cash sale via ebay.

    Upon inspection from TDI North the rotors were faulty and they refused to fit it, this all happend on trip 2 to TDI North.

    ( which i have documented )

    Thus it went to High Speed Lab for the rebuild then i went back to TDI and they were more than happy to fit and map as above on trip 3 to TDI North. All in all the receipts for Parts are just under £6000 and including TDI North ive spent over £10,000 over the last 16 months.

    The car is insured by Sky Insurance with an agreed value of £7500.



    Message me 07770659720

    Ive made a gallery on here so pics should be visable ? any issues give me a shout :)

    Dyno.jpg Engine.JPG Front Interior.JPG Front.JPG Rear Interior.JPG Side.JPG

    GTIRTESSA New Member

    Mar 14, 2015
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    The cars valuation is for insurance purposes only, the agreed price of £7500 is a great safety net of course considering the work going in.

    If you feel this is of interest and you have a GTiR in great shape then lets talk, this is worth what someone is prepared to exchange for it !

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