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Pulsar project

Discussion in 'GTi-R Car's For Sale' started by Robertkinnear, Dec 9, 2018.

  1. Robertkinnear

    Robertkinnear New Member

    Oct 15, 2018
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    I bought this as a winter project for myself but now doing a sunny for someone instead so don't have time for both. I was planning to break but again I don't have time to post a hundred separate parts so now hoping to sell as a complete project.

    I stripped it to do the restoration on the spit but can fit all the panels again for transport. All parts were removed about a month ago, it had a good running engine I've got some videos before it was removed. No issues or noises from gearbox or transfer. The turbo does have play in and out so that will need to be rebuilt or replaced. Also a squeak at idle which sounds like a fan belt but doesn't go away so guessing it might be a pulley.

    The engine ran standard boost, only had an induction kit and stainless downpipe and exhaust. It had a new alloy radiator fitted as well.

    The shell was originally black and hasn't been changed on the v5 so I planned to put it back to original. Rust wise the rear arches have been replaced, doesn't look too bad a job on the outside but the inners need finished.

    Sills need replaced, drivers side is worse than the passenger. Other than that there are only a couple other patches needing done that I found under the factory underseal.

    I'm hoping to sell it all together and looking for £2500 but if someone wants the panelled rolling shell I'd sell for £750 and engine set up with gearbox, transfer and ancilleries £1750.

    Located near Edinburgh


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  2. Raz1541

    Raz1541 New Member

    Oct 7, 2014
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    Oright pal has this sold as yet?
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