Neil Howard Stage Rally and Fireworks (04/11/17)

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    Neil Howard Stage Rally and Fireworks

    Oulton Park
    Saturday 4th November 2015


    Hi all

    I'm organising a little GTiR meet for November.

    This month will be at Neil Howard Stage Rally @ Oulton Park


    I went last year as was very impressed with the event and afterwards they had an excellent professionally organised and delivered Fireworks display.

    Afterwards you can pop off home or join us in a local pub for a drink and a bite to eat afterwards?

    I won't be working this event so I can finally say hello and enjoy the event!

    If you think that might be of interest, let me know/post up!

    Saturday Admission
    Online: £15
    On the gate: £20
    Kids under 13 go free!




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    I'll book my ticket later today! - It's been quite a good event the last couple of years; fun to see the rally cars thrown around the circuit.

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