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j10-meet 25/06/2011

Discussion in 'England - Midlands' started by pulsar_stu, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. pulsar_stu

    pulsar_stu Active Member

    Oct 14, 2005
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    Hi guys.

    j10 are holding a meet next saturday

    The almera owners club are coming along

    The meet is just off junction 10 of the m6 motorway westmidlands.
    We start the meet off at 7:30pm and stay until the last person leaves, which is around 11pm.

    1. rich12885 (aoc)
    2. shaggy master (aoc)
    3. tommo (aoc)
    4. spyke (aoc)
    5. dale (aoc)
    6. cov (aoc)
    7. stu-e (aoc)
    8.gtirbob (j10-meets)
    9. tyremonkey (j10-meets)
    10. ricer (j10-meets)
    11. pulsar_stu (j10-meets)
    12. mattygreen (j10-meets)
    13. darkygtir (j10-meets)
    14. fission (j10-meets)
    15. chelt_scene (j10-meets)

    If you want any more details, pm me, email me: pulsar-stu@nissangtir.co.uk or pop onto www.j10-meets.co.uk

    i have also invited sxoc, octaneboost, scoobynet, jap-out-laws, modifiers and a few other jap car clubs.

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