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Goodwood Jap Sushi Breakfast

Discussion in 'Other Shows & Events' started by mreguest, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. mreguest

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    Feb 24, 2012
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    was sunday 7th april. i would have given people a heads up but only decided to go last minute... I thought I was the only Pulsar Gtir there until i found these photos taken by no-one i know...

    my crappy example:

    anyone know who is this?

    my friend was there in his GT4 rally car which will be at the North Weald Sprint day. It's been a proper rally car since day one but its just got a fairly standard power engine in it at the moment (~200bhp). i'm not too clued up on the terminology - it's a group A or N something...


    there was a guy with one leg who had a duck clutch in this GT4:


    there was an RX7 with a 6.0L chevy V8 in it! looks like it's supposed to be there too!


    everyone put it in your diary for next year to show off what a 20 year old nissan sunny can do!

    take it easy chaps!


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