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Apr 21, 2017
May 4, 2003
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Member, from Mansfield,Nottingham

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Apr 21, 2017
    1. greggyboy
      Yes mate got it its clean as a whistle and goes like nothing i have ever drove lol i have just got too change the front seats its got omp buckets in and i'm putting the interior back too pretty much standard i think bob is going to swop the seats for me as well,I know the guy who has got ours he's fetching it on saturday i have sold him my apexi fuel controller i might go with him to pick it up it needs a few bits doing too it but the overall condition is pretty good the guy who sold it had no idea what he had too let it go that cheap was stupid i'm just looking to next summer now mate i cant wait she will be one of the quickest R's around where i live you need to get back too R ownership now my mate you know you want too LOL
    2. greggyboy
      Hi lee its greg the guy that had the grey R after you i think you should enter some pics for the calender as there aren't many cars that look as good,I hope your well and i hope you do get another R i'm just waiting for the new owner to contact me about getting the car back i dont have a clue what the condition is like now i know about what happened to the owner after me and that it was stood for a while so i will have to wait on its condition i am led to believe it has a 2.1 stroker in now which would be interesting to see when it goes should be even quicker ive left a comment on your thread look forward to hearing from you mate..........Greg
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    Maybe a 6TH "R" Hmmm