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Jun 12, 2016
Dec 3, 2007
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Jun 12, 2016
    1. warpspeed
      Hey Dan, how's it goin? That's my inbox empty now. Shame you can't make Mallory, will be a good weekend.
    2. williams
      i'll prb come for my seats 1 night next week mate.
    3. williams
      haha. the astra is doing fine. going to get some snow tyres for next winter. water is hot after its been in turbo. im not sure whether to fit my oil cooler like. might just put the turbo cooler where i was going to fit the oil cooler.
    4. johnsy
      do you not think the cooler on the tubby is over kill?

      Iv cut some persrex to cover my oil cooler as its doing to good a job in this weather, jon old was talking about not running an oil cooler all together as he reckons the oil is supposed/designed to run at high temps,

      ill take the rad off you till i can source an ally one, or flog some stuff to buy one. need to get a flexi so i can sell that dp

      the R' is doing well in this weather,tyres are nt up to much though, i got stuck on a off camber flat in 3-4 inches of compacted ice/snow,dug in front of the wheels a couple of foot,once i had momentum it was fine ,i cant get my citroen out of the street lol
    5. williams
      just £25, its twice as thick as standard pulsar rad like. waiting for my 50mm one coming. ive getting a small cooler to cool the water after it comes out the turbo aswell.
    6. johnsy
      just been and seen Al Murray, fooking legend

      how much you want 4 it?
    7. williams
      nowt, you wanna buy it? i'll not charge you waht i paid. i paid £70, was advertised as a double core rad, didnt say it was just a sunny one.
    8. johnsy
      fooooooooooking hell, you feeling alright? lol .

      hmm what you doing with the sunny one??
    9. williams
      ive bought one of them 50mm ally rads, £105 delivered.
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